Can I Get Long Term Disability if I Have Lupus?

As you may know, it is not uncommon for an individual to develop a serious medical condition that prevents them from returning to work. Unfortunately, this is something that happens to many Americans every single year, and if you are one of them, there is a very good chance that you are now seeking long term disability benefits. Lupus is one condition that may potentially qualify for long term disability. Those with lupus may experience a wide array of symptoms, including ulcers in the mouth, blood clotting, chronic headaches, fevers, extreme fatigue, anemia, swollen joints, and more. Rather obviously, these symptoms can absolutely prevent an individual from returning to work. Please continue reading and speak with our nationwide long term disability attorneys to learn more about whether your lupus will qualify you for long term disability benefits. Here are some of the questions you may have:

How do I know if my lupus will qualify for long term disability benefits?

As long as you are able to prove that your condition involves two or more organs/body systems, at least one has a moderate level of severity, and you are affected by at least two symptoms of the condition, there is a strong chance that you will have a valid long term disability claim. That being said, you may have to prove that you’ve experienced these symptoms for a period of time. The condition must bring about at least two constitutional symptoms and limitations in your daily life. Our firm can use a wide array of medical documents and doctor’s notes to prove that you truly qualify for long term disability benefits.

How can receiving long term disability help me?

When someone’s claim is successful, they will receive either a lump-sum payment or monthly insurance payments. These payments should help you and your family remain financially stable, even after you’re unable to return to work and collect a regular paycheck. That being said, if your initial disability claim has been denied, now is not the time to panic. Instead, simply retain the services of a knowledgeable long term disability attorney who can effectively navigate the appeals process. As long as we find additional evidence to prove that you truly require LTD benefits, you will most likely be approved. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call today.

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