Can I Get Long Term Disability Insurance if I Have a Thyroid Disorder?

Hypothyroidism is a common medical condition across the country–nearly 20 million Americans have thyroid disease. If you are someone who suffers from hypothyroidism, you may deal with daily fatigue, hoarseness, muscle weakness, aches, tenderness, or stiffness, swelling in your joints, an impaired memory, and more.

If you find yourself unable to return to work due to a thyroid disorder, you are most likely now looking into receiving long term disability insurance benefits to help you cope with your medical condition. No one should ever have to worry about what will happen, should they lose out on their salary. We understand that people have bills to pay, families to feed, and additional obligations, which is why our firm is dedicated to fighting for the long term disability insurance millions of Americans need. If you wish to learn more about receiving long term disability insurance, please read on.

What does long term disability insurance do?

When you get your long term disability insurance, you will either be granted monthly insurance payments or one lump-sum payment to help cover the cost of your medical bills, lost wages due to your inability to return to work, and more. Unfortunately, insurance companies do not always see people as individuals, rather, they tend to see your illness and plea for long term disability insurance as just another business transaction. This is why you must always hire a knowledgeable attorney who will aggressively fight for the benefits you need and deserve.

How do I get long term disability insurance?

Long term disability insurance is not particularly easy to obtain. First, you will have to speak with your employer or insurer to learn more about your insurance policy. Form here, you will file a claim as soon as you can, and within 180 days. Your attorney must provide MRI results, medical records, doctor’s opinions detailing how your medical condition affects your daily life, and more to prove your claim. Once your claim is approved, you will begin receiving the benefits you need to live your life without worrying about a paycheck.

Does long term disability end at 65?

Essentially, people use long term disability plans to help cover a portion of their salary when they were working. Generally, when you obtain long term disability insurance, you will receive benefits until you either turn 65, reach your retirement age under Social Security, or become capable of working once again.

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