Can I Get LTD Benefits if I Have a Pacemaker?

If you are someone with a pacemaker, it means that you have bradycardia, which is a medical condition that causes a slower heartbeat, or a heart block, which is a slow electrical signal through their heart. Fortunately for many, having a pacemaker can remedy these issues. Unfortunately, pacemakers won’t always fix these things permanently, and if you are someone who experiences arrhythmias or heart failure with a pacemaker, you may qualify for long term disability benefits. Please continue reading and reach out to our nationwide long term disability attorneys to learn more about whether having a pacemaker will qualify you for LTD benefits and how our firm can help fight for your rights, every step of the way. Here are some of the questions you may have:

Can I get LTD benefits if I have a pacemaker?

Fortunately, for many people, having a pacemaker can qualify them for long term disability benefits. That being said, simply having a pacemaker isn’t quite enough to receive these benefits. You must hire an experienced legal team who can help gather all documentation needed to prove that your medical condition impacts your daily life significantly and that it, therefore, prevents you from returning to work for the foreseeable future. First, we will speak with your employer or insurer and file your claim within 180 days. From here, we will supply all relevant documentation that illustrates exactly how your medical condition impacts your life and prevents you from returning to work. This can include medical records, x-ray results, doctor’s notes, and more. Understand that often, insurance companies care more about their bottom line than they do about your best interests, which is why you simply cannot proceed with these claims without a competent nationwide long term disability attorney on your side.

What LTD benefits may I receive and how can they help me?

Fortunately, if your medical condition qualifies, you should receive LTD benefits. These will either come in the form of a one lump-sum payment or monthly insurance payments. These benefits should help you financially in the absence of a regular paycheck from work. If you have any further questions or you believe that you qualify for LTD benefits, please do not hesitate to give our firm a call. We are prepared to help you through each phase of the long term disability process ahead.

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