Can I Receive Long Term Disability Benefits for Having a Pacemaker?

If you are someone with a pacemaker, you most likely either have bradycardia, the name for a medical condition that induces a slower heartbeat than the average person has, or heart block, which is a slowed electrical signal through your heart, generally a result of old age or damage from a heart attack. While heart problems can contribute to a series of other health-related issues that impact your ability to return to work, you will not necessarily qualify for LTD insurance simply for having a pacemaker or IDC implant. Instead, you will have to prove that you either suffer from arrhythmias or heart failure after having your pacemaker implanted. If you can prove that either of these medical conditions still prevents you from returning to work even after your pacemaker implant, you may qualify for long term disability insurance. Please read on to learn more:

What is the purpose of long term disability insurance?

The purpose of long term disability insurance is to provide individuals and families with the money they need to maintain their standard of living if someone is unable to return to work due to a serious medical condition. Long term disability insurance either comes in the form of one lump-sum payment or monthly insurance payments. If you believe you are entitled, do not hesitate to reach out to our experienced long term disability firm.

How do I get long term disability insurance if I have a pacemaker?

The first thing you will do is have a conversation with your employer or insurer. Once you learn more about your policy, you will file your claim within 180 days. From here, you will collect and submit various types of information proving why you need long term disability benefits. It is generally best practice to hire an experienced attorney who can help you do so. Some of the evidence you and your attorney will collect can include MRIs, doctor’s notes detailing the extent of your disability and how it prevents you from returning to work, x-rays and any other information your attorney deems relevant.

How long does long term disability insurance go on for?

Many people are concerned about the duration of their long term disability insurance, for fear of it “ending early.” However, there are generally only three circumstances in which long term disability benefits will cease. Your payments may end if you are able to return to work once again, turn 65 years olf, or reach your retirement age under Social Security.

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