Can I Take a Vacation While Receiving Long Term Disability?

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Many people who suffer from a disabling sickness or injury that prevents them from working wonder if receiving long term disability payments means they have to stay home and do nothing until they heal enough to return to the workforce. If you are one of those people asking whether or not you can take a vacation while receiving long term disability benefits, please read on, then contact one of our experienced long term disability insurance attorneys today.

Are you restricted from going on vacation if you receive long term disability benefits?

The short answer is no. Collecting long term disability benefits need not subject you to a term of home confinement. You can and should still enjoy your life as much as possible, which includes taking a vacation. Nonetheless, you need to stay mindful of any limitations that your long term disability insurance policy, and your doctor, may impose upon your activities. If you do not follow that guidance, you may put your long term disability benefits at risk.

How do you know if you can take a vacation while collecting long term disability benefits?

Before planning or heading out on a trip, you should always review the terms of your long term disability insurance policy. Your policy may contain restrictions on your ability to travel for twelve months or more out of the country. While your disability insurance policy will not restrict you from engaging in certain potentially risky activities – such as scuba diving or paragliding – you can guarantee that your disability insurer will scour social media looking for picture or videos of you engaging in activities inconsistent with the restrictions your doctor or therapists placed on you.

What precautions should you take while on vacation?

After checking your policy, you should:

  • Request clearance from your doctor
  • Make sure you have plenty of medications and assistive devices
  • Make sure you have completed all paperwork before you leave
  • Keep a journal during your trip

Likewise, you should avoid the following actions:

  • Calling your insurance company: This will most likely trigger surveillance or a reappraisal of your claim.
  • Canceling appointments so you can leave town: If you are still receiving regular treatment with a doctor or therapist and they will not release you, it is best not to travel until they will.
  • Posting on social media: You should personally abstain from posting on social media and ask your traveling companions or family members to not share pictures with you in them.

You should avail yourself of quality long term disability representation if you have any further questions.

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