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Does Mesothelioma Qualify for Long Term Disability Insurance Benefits?

Mesothelioma is a malignant tumor caused by asbestos fibers building up in the lungs. Those who suffer from Mesothelioma often struggle with shortness of breath, chest or abdomen pain, fevers, fatigue, muscle weakness, and several other respiratory complications. That being said, it’s no secret why Mesothelioma can prevent individuals from returning to work. Fortunately, with […]

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Does Alzheimer’s Disease Qualify for Long Term Disability Insurance?

Those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease have an uphill battle to fight. Alzheimer’s disease is the most frequent cause of dementia, and it’s symptoms worsen as time goes on. Though it often starts with simply forgetting recent conversations or events, it unfortunately only progresses. Though there are medications that can treat Alzheimer’s, there are none that […]

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Will I Qualify for Long Term Disability Insurance if I Have Diabetes?

Diabetes, though common, comes with serious health concerns. Those who suffer from diabetes very often experience unexplained weight loss, extreme hunger, slow-healing sores, frequent infections of the gums or skin, damaged immune systems, cardiovascular disease, nerve damage, kidney damage, and more. If you are someone who has recently been diagnosed with diabetes, or you have […]

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Can You Receive Long Term Disability Benefits if You Have Sarcoidosis?

Whether you are someone who has recently developed sarcoidosis or have been battling the medical condition for some time, you undoubtedly feel its effects. Individuals with sarcoidosis suffer primarily from nodules that develop on the lungs. These nodules cause those affected to have persistent coughs, fatigue, shortness of breath, painful joints, blurred vision, kidney stones, […]

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