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Will I Qualify for Long Term Disability Insurance if I Have Multiple Sclerosis?

Multiple sclerosis, also referred to as simply “MS,” is a sometimes disabling disease of the spinal cord and brain. When someone has multiple sclerosis, the protective sheath around their nerve fibers is attacked by their immune system, causing communication problems between their brain and the rest of their body.  Those who suffer from multiple sclerosis […]

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Do I Qualify for Long Term Disability Insurance if I Have COPD?

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, otherwise known as COPD, is an inflammatory lung disease that causes obstructed airflow from the lungs. One of the scariest and most threatening aspects of COPD is that symptoms rarely present themselves before a significant amount of damage to the lungs has already been done. Some of the most common symptoms […]

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Will I Qualify For Long Term Disability Insurance if I Have Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a disorder that causes widespread musculoskeletal pain, as well as sleep, memory and mood issues. It is generally accepted that fibromyalgia amplifies the way your brain perceives physical pain. These symptoms can sometimes follow physical trauma, a surgery, an infection, or even significant psychological stress. In some cases, symptoms will gradually worsen over […]

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