Civil Engineer Long Term Disability Attorney

Civil engineers are responsible for designing our infrastructure, and without them, we wouldn’t have many of the roads and buildings we take for granted today. That being said, despite all we owe to civil engineers, unfortunately, when they are injured or develop disabling medical conditions, it is oftentimes very difficult for them to obtain the long term disability benefits they require to move on with their lives. If you are a civil engineer who required long term disability benefits, please do not hesitate to reach out to our knowledgeable nationwide long term disability attorneys who can fight for the long term disability benefits you deserve and need. Contact Walker & Hern today to learn more about how we can assist you through every step of the LTD process.

Representation for Civil Engineers

Over the years, our experienced attorneys have handled countless long term disability cases on behalf of individuals from all walks of life, and we are ready to put that knowledge and experience to work for you. No matter what phase of the LTD process you are currently in, Walker & Hern can help. Our firm handles the following:

How to Qualify for LTD Benefits

In many cases, it is quite complicated to qualify for LTD benefits, as insurance companies are seldom on the side of the disabled party. Instead, they are generally most concerned about their bottom line, and they will often do everything in their power to deny benefits to those who truly need them. This is why you need to hire a nationwide long term disability attorney who can work to gather and present all of the evidence needed to recover the benefits you need. Our firm will use MRIs, doctor’s notes, x-rays, and other medical documentation to prove that your disability affects your everyday life and prevents you from returning to work.

If We Do Not Win, You Do Not Pay

Here at Walker & Hern, we operate on a contingency-fee-basis. Simply put, this means that if we do not secure the benefits you need, you will not have to pay us a dime. Our firm is confident in our ability to help our clients.

Walker & Hern | Your Civil Engineer Long Term Disability Attorney

Civil engineers contribute significantly to our society, and if you’ve been hurt or developed a serious medical condition that prevents you from returning to the workforce, our firm is ready to help. Contact Walker & Hern today so we can begin the LTD process on their behalf.

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