Denied Long Term Disability? We Are Here to Help.

Those who find themselves suffering from serious injuries or medical conditions may get to a point where they are unable to return to work because of their ailments. Unfortunately, this is something that can take a significant toll on a person and his or her family, as they are unable to receive a regular paycheck from their job as they had before. This is why people who find themselves in this situation will often apply for long-term disability benefits to help them cope with their financial loss. Unfortunately, oftentimes, insurance companies will deny benefits to those who truly need them. If you were recently denied long term disability benefits, our firm is here to help. Continue reading and reach out to our nationwide long term disability attorneys to learn more about the appeals process and how our legal team can assist you. Here are some of the questions you may have:

What are my options if I’ve been denied long term disability benefits?

If you were recently denied long term disability benefits, you are most likely wondering about your legal options going forward. Fortunately, this is not a dead-end, but you must act fast. Our firm will only have 180 days from the date you were denied to appeal the decision. In our appeal, we will have to prove that you were wrongfully denied long term disability benefits and that you, in fact, do qualify. Our firm can do so by obtaining additional evidence, such as medical records or doctor’s notes that support your claim that you are unable to return to work. We can also appoint various other medical or vocational experts to prove that you are unable to return to work. We will then file a formal administrative appeal within 180 days containing this evidence in an effort to win you the benefits you deserve.

What should I do if my long term disability appeal is denied?

If your appeal is even denied, we still have other options on the table. If need be, our firm can take your case to trial and fight your insurance company in court. In most cases, this is not necessary, however, our firm comprises trial attorneys and can fight for you when it matters most. If you have any further questions or need an attorney to file an appeal on your behalf, simply give us a call today.

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