Does Parkinson’s Disease Typically Qualify for LTD Benefits?

If you or someone you know has Parkinson’s Disease, you most likely see first-hand just how significantly it can impact a person’s life. Unfortunately, in many cases, Parkinson’s Disease will impair a person’s movements and speech, and, at its worst, it can also impair the person’s brain function. No matter where you or your loved […]

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Does Parkinson’s Disease Qualify For LTD Benefits?

Parkinson’s Disease can be a devastating disease, and if you are someone who has developed Parkinson’s, there is a very good chance that you now find yourself unable to return to work. Not only does Parkinson’s disease impair movements and make it difficult to speak, but it can also impair the brain to a certain […]

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What Happens if I am Denied Long Term Disability Benefits?

When people are injured or develop a medical condition that prevents them from returning to work, they and their families generally seek long term disability insurance benefits to help uphold their standard of life. If granted long term disability, you will receive either one lump-sum, or monthly insurance payments. Though these benefits are a fantastic […]

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Does Parkinson’s Disease Qualify For Long Term Disability?

Parkin’s Disease is a complicated, and often an extremely challenging medical condition to live with. Those with Parkinson’s Disease often suffer from severe tremors, difficulty walking and speaking clearly, and even, in its worst stages, results in dementia that only worsens as time goes on. Rather obviously, people with Parkinson’s Disease and their families often […]

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