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J. Brooke Hern is an amazing lawyer, who was very understanding, compassionate, non-judgmental and got the job done for me! He never pressured me to take a bad deal and in fact, fought for a maximum benefit.

- James from New York

Thanks to J. Brooke Hern, my benefits from my long term disability is being paid.  He battled the insurance company and won.  He made the process as stress-free as possible helping me to recover from the stress of being denied without real cause.  Thank you.

- Linda from California

When I found out that I had my long term disability benefits terminated, I had no idea what to do.  So the first thing I did was Google information on what was going on. Then I found Brooke Hern, long term disability appeals attorney.  I left a message and he returned my call the same day.  It is a very long, tough road fighting insurance companies, but he has been there to answer all of my questions throughout the way, even when I was very impatient.  His handling has been very professional and I would recommend Walker and Hern to anyone.

- Gates from Oklahoma

Brooke Hern handled, and won, my disability case; he is an excellent attorney! He took the facts of my disability and made the private insurance company understand that I was, in fact, not able to work. He did this with a determined focus, never letting up. He communicated with me on a regular basis, making certain that I was informed about what he was doing, and why, and what he expected to happen. This alleviated my anxiety that I would be denied the disability. He talked directly with all of my physicians; this helped immensely by assuring the physicians knew what the status of my application was and how he was approaching the claim. This encouraged the physicians to respond in a meaningful way when Brooke needed information from them.

Each of my physicians commented to me that it was a pleasure to work with Brooke. They said it was always clear that he had my interest in mind, and commented on how professionally he approached his work. Brooke was very upfront with me about how long the process could take to resolve. His pursuits never faltered; I am so glad that I have Brooke Hern “in my corner”. His success makes me the winner.

- Grace from Texas

Yes, I am very pleased with the results of my long-term disability case.  He is a great person and lawyer that fights for your rights.  He gives you all the time and listens to you every time you need him. God bless you. Thanks!

- Illiana from New Jersey

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