When Do I Need to Hire a Long Term Disability Attorney?

If you’re covered by an employer-provided long term disability policy, and now you’re unable to work due to injury or illness, you should retain an experienced long-term disability lawyer right from the start. Filing a claim for long term disability benefits is not as simple as it appears. Without legal representation, you are at risk of losing your right to monthly benefits.

How Can a Long Term Disability Attorney Help Me?

Your employer-provided long term disability policy is really a contract that you were not involved in negotiating. And that contract is governed by a complex-federal law that gives insurance companies an upper-hand, and makes it quite easy for them to deny coverage – even though you truly cannot work due to injury or illness. In fact, success does not depend on whether you are actually disabled. Under the law, the insurance company can deny and terminate benefits if your claim is lacking clear documentation that proves you cannot work. Something as simple as an improperly completed form by you or your doctor can lead to disaster.

How Do I Choose a Long Term Disability Lawyer?

You need an experienced attorney with a record of success against the biggest insurance companies. Paul Walker and J. Brooke Hern have won appeals and litigation against Aetna, Cigna, Prudential, The Hartford, Reliance Standard, Lincoln Financial, The Standard, MetLife, and more. While the vast majority of their cases have been won on appeal, Walker & Hern have successfully settled litigation cases, and they have prevailed in the United States District Court and in the United States Court of Appeals.

How do I Get Started?

Call now for a free, no-obligation consultation with Walker & Hern, or contact us online today. You will speak directly with an attorney, who will carefully evaluate your case.

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