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Why Your Long Term Disability Application Got Denied

Employer-provided long term disability policies are governed by federal law. Under federal law, disability applications are evaluated by claims administrators usually working for your insurance company. Due to an inherent conflict of interest, claims administrators routinely deny deserving claims even where the evidence of disability appears to be clear. Claims administrators may deny your disability application for an endless number of legitimate or illegitimate reasons, which is why you should read on, then contact one of our experienced long term disability insurance attorneys to learn why your long term disability application got denied.

How can your long term disability application be denied?

The claims administrator in charge of your application may reject it for one of several reasons. The most common reasons are as follows:

  • Insufficient medical evidence: Claims administrators may deny your application because you do not regularly attend medical treatments, are missing important medical records and/or your doctor deems you fit to return to work.
  • Failure to meet the policy’s definition of disability: Claims administrators may deny your application because your LTD policy deems that you are medically able to carry out the duties of your particular occupation or are able to perform the duties of any job. For example, medical impairments related to substance abuse or pre-existing conditions are typically excluded from coverage.
  • Video surveillance inconsistent with disability claim: Claims administrators will almost certainly deny your claim if you are recorded performing physical acts you claim you are unable to perform due to your injuries. While you may have your “good days and bad days,” you should always follow your doctor’s advice as well as assume that you are being surveilled.
  • Missed deadlines: Claims administrators may deny your claim if you miss crucial filing deadlines, including for appeals. For example, if you and your attorney fail to lodge an appeal within 180 days of denial, you forever forfeit your right to coverage.

Whether or not you have already observed the above-listed suggestions and your claim was still denied, you should reach out to one of our skilled long term disability appeal attorneys today. He or she will obtain the appropriate documentation of your qualifications and submit your appeal in a timely fashion. A seasoned legal professional from our firm will fight to ensure that your application is given due respect and consideration so a claims administrator can’t deny it on arbitrary or self-interested grounds. Let our firm handle the legal work so you can focus on recovery.

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