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Can Commercial Drivers Get Long Term Disability Benefits?

If you drive for a living but can’t work because of a work-related injury, please read on, then contact one of our experienced long term disability insurance attorneys to learn if commercial drivers can get long term disability benefits.

Are commercial drivers entitled to long term disability benefits?

Like many professions, commercial drivers need to have disability insurance in order to be eligible for long term disability benefits. Long term disability insurance for commercial drivers helps disabled drivers pay their bills and even their business expenses. In most cases, a commercial driver will have had to sustain injuries in a work-related accident. As a result of that accident, you are no longer capable of performing your job to safe industry standards. However, the type of insurance that commercial drivers have will determine the nature of their benefits.

What types of long term disability benefits are available for commercial drivers?

For most, disability insurance for commercial drivers can be hard to find and/or calculate. Aside from the usual factors of age, gender, health and exact occupation, insurance underwriters will consider the following factors before giving you an insurance policy:

  • Type of truck: The larger the truck, the less favorable your disability insurance policy terms will be.
  • Your typical cargo: Transportation of hazardous materials, large items and liquor will be viewed less favorably than would other items, like bread or snack food.
  • Length of the haul: The longer the stretch you are in your vehicle, the pricier your policy will be. If you are considered long-haul, i.e. even a few overnight hauls, you will have fewer options than your local counterparts.
  • Relationship to the owner: If you are an employee, all of the preceding information applies directly to you. Since you are working for a trucking company, you have the most straightforward coverage; owner-operators will have many other considerations.

How can a national long term disability law firm help you?

By reaching out to a skilled national long term disability law firm, you can be fully apprised of your rights and responsibilities as well as receive guidance on the best path forward for your case. Our firm will give you an honest assessment of your chances of success and help you collect and present the evidence needed to prove your case. With Walker Hern on your side, you may not even have to go to trial in order to receive the long term disability benefits you are entitled to.

Contact our experienced nationwide firm

If you or someone you know is looking to receive long term disability benefits and needs the help of an experienced attorney, speak with our nationwide LTD attorneys today. Our firm has significant experience helping people just like you obtain or defend their long term disability benefits. Contact Walker & Hern for a free consultation.

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