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When an employee becomes disabled as a result of an injury or illness, they may no longer be able to work. Your insurance company may require you to prove that you are unable to return to work but if they believe that your disability interferes with your job, they may deny your claim. Of course, it can be challenging to prove that you are not able to work, especially if your occupation does not necessarily require you to perform physically demanding tasks. If your long term disability insurance company has denied your claim because they believe you should be able to return to work, it is important that you speak with an experienced attorney from a National Long Term Disability Law Firm. The legal team at Walker & Hern has significant experience guiding clients through claim issues, including denials, appeals, litigation, and settlement negotiations. Contact Walker & Hern today to discuss your situation and learn how we can help.

Occupations that may need representation

At Walker & Hern, we have seen a wide variety of long term disability insurance claim issues arise based on the individual’s occupation. If your insurance company does not believe you are unable to work after becoming disabled, we can help. With our years of experience practicing law, we have successfully represented numerous clients facing issues with their LTD insurance company. We have the experience to help clients in the following professions:

Contact a National Long Term Disability Law Firm

Walker & Hern has represented clients throughout the United States that have been denied long term disability insurance claims based on their occupation. If you are facing a similar issue, we will work with you to prove to the insurance company why you are unable to return to work. We know that a disability can put a financial strain on your family. Let us help. Contact the experienced and skilled attorneys at Walker & Hern today to discuss your situation.

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