Long Term Disability Settlement Attorneys

One of the most challenging realities a person can face is becoming disabled and not being able to work again. Not only is this disheartening for your career dreams, but it can also bring a significant financial burden that you were not prepared for. Your long term disability insurance company may have offered you a lump-sum settlement, but is it what you deserve? If you believe that your claim has been undervalued by the insurance company, Walker & Hern are here to help. While you focus on adjusting to life after a disability, let us focus on recovering the financial settlement you are entitled to. Contact the experienced long term disability settlement attorneys at Walker & Hern today to discuss your situation.

How do I know if my settlement offer is what I deserve?

When your long term disability insurance company accepts your claim, they will typically offer you a settlement. To many people, the concept of getting offered a settlement means quick cash to help offset some of the significant financial burdens that the disability has caused. As appealing as it may seem to just accept the settlement amount and move forward, it is important to take some time to think about whether the settlement offer is appropriate. Insurance companies are trying to make money, just like any other company. With that said, they may try and lowball you into taking a settlement that is less than your policy entitles you to.

Lump-Sum Settlements

Is a lump-sum settlement right for you?  If you are already receiving monthly long-term disability benefits, you still face an uncertain future with respect to whether your insurance company will find another excuse for terminating your valid claim.  It’s not enough that you are disabled as defined by the terms of your policy.  It’s always possible that the insurance company will find a technical basis for terminating your benefits at some time in the near or distant future. Living with this type of economic uncertainty can be a source of great stress.  However, if you’re receiving benefits under the “Any Occupation” definition of disability (meaning that the insurance company determined that you are now unable to work in a job that would pay you 60-80 percent or more of your pre-disability income), we can help you achieve financial certainty and stability.

Settlement Negotiation

Walker & Hern has successfully negotiated settlements of full claim benefits for many of our clients.  We may be able to do the same for you. Our firm can use a variety of negotiation tactics to help ensure you are paid what you should be. We will analyze the true value of your policy and ensure that your settlement is enough to cover your medical bills, lost wages, and the other financial burdens associated with your disability.

We will represent you in negotiations with your insurance company for either monthly or lump-sum settlement payments your entire claim, through the maximum date of eligibility. For lump-sum settlements, this payment will be an amount that takes into account the present value of payments that could be made to you in the future, and the risk that your benefits might be terminated at some later time.  But there is absolutely no risk in negotiating a lump-sum settlement because you will ultimately decide whether to accept the offer of settlement.

Contact Our LTD Settlement Attorneys

If you have been disabled and have received a settlement offer from your long term disability insurance company, be sure to speak with an attorney to make sure you are getting the offer you deserve. Walker & Hern has significant experience in helping clients negotiate a suitable offer and is committed to protecting you from being lowballed by the insurance company. Our long term disability settlement attorneys have proudly represented clients throughout the country in their long term disability claims for many years. Contact Walker & Hern today.

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