Can I Get LTD Benefits if I Have Diabetes?

Diabetes is something that affects millions of Americans. Unfortunately, diabetes can sometimes be very serious, even life-threatening. Individuals who deal with diabetes often suffer from extreme hunger, unexplained weight loss,  damaged immune systems, kidney damage,  cardiovascular disease, slow-healing sores, regular infections of the gums or skin,  and more. Rather obviously, the complications stemming from such a disease are more than enough to keep an individual from being capable of returning to work. If you have diabetes, there is a very good chance you may qualify for LTD benefits. Please continue reading and reach out to our experienced team of LTD attorneys to learn more.

What is the benefit of long term disability insurance?

Long term disability insurance allows individuals who are no longer capable of working to receive financial assistance that can help them and their families maintain their standard of living. As long as the insurance company deems you are eligible to receive long term disability payments, you will either receive one lump-sum payout, or monthly insurance payments. Of course, oftentimes, insurance companies will try and deny individuals the LTD benefits they truly deserve, which is why you need a competent attorney on your side. Walker & Hern can help.

How do I receive long term disability insurance?

To receive long term disability insurance, you will have to first go through several steps. You must speak with your insurer or your employer so you can better understand your insurance policy and its benefits. From here, you will file your LTD claim with the assistance of an experienced attorney within 180 days. The sooner you file this claim, the better. Next, you and your attorney will have to prove that you truly need the benefits of which you are requesting. As stated earlier, this is not always easy, as all too frequently, insurance companies will fight to deny you the benefits you and your family deserve and need.

Our firm has helped countless people through the years, and we can help you gather and present sufficient evidence needed to prove that you require disability insurance. Some of the most valuable forms of evidence for proving you need benefits includes MRIs, your medical history, and, perhaps most of all, a doctor’s note detailing the extent of your medical condition/injuries, and how it affects your daily life and also, thereby, prevents you from returning to work. For any additional questions, please do not hesitate to give Walker & Hern a call today. We are always here to help you.

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