Chron’s Disease & LTD Benefits | Here’s What You Need to Know

Crohn’s disease is something that affects hundreds of thousands of Americans. Though Chron’s disease is treatable, unfortunately, a cure has yet to be discovered. Those who suffer from Chron’s disease often have to deal with a wide array of ailments, including severe pain and discomfort at all times, inflamed digestive tracts, chronic fatigue, weight loss, and more. Chron’s disease, for many, can leave them feeling in pain, wiped out, and unable to return to work. If you find yourself in this situation and you are no longer capable of returning to work, you need a competent nationwide long term disability insurance attorney who can help you fight for the benefits to which you be may be entitled. Read on and contact Walker & Hern to learn whether your Chron’s disease will qualify for LTD benefits and how we can help you receive them. Here are some of the questions you may have:

Will my Chron’s disease qualify for LTD benefits?

The first thing you should understand about long term disability benefits is that not everyone can receive them. Even some people with serious illnesses are deemed ineligible by insurance companies, which is why it is so important that anyone seeking these benefits retains the services of a competent attorney who can work to prove that they truly qualify. Once you hire us, we will speak with your employer or insurer and file your claim within 180 days. It is paramount that you retain competent legal assistance when filing your claim, as this is our chance to provide evidence proving that you truly qualify for these benefits. In your claim, we will include a wide array of evidence, including medical records, test results, and, perhaps most importantly, doctor’s notes. As long as we can prove that your Chron’s disease prevents you from returning to work, we should receive the LTD benefits you need.

What can long term disability benefits cover?

Fortunately for those who receive them, long term disability benefits can significantly ease the pain of being unable to receive a regular paycheck from work. Depending on your case, you will receive either one lump-sum disability payout or monthly disability payments. You should begin receiving these payments within months of approval. If you have any further questions or believe you qualify, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our firm today. We are here to help.

Contact our experienced nationwide firm

If you or someone you know is looking to receive long term disability benefits and needs the help of an experienced attorney, speak with our nationwide LTD attorneys today. Our firm has significant experience helping people just like you obtain or defend their long term disability benefits. Additionally, if your claim for long term disability benefits have been denied or terminated, contact Walker & Hern for a free consultation.

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