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Here’s Why You Need a LTD Attorney if Your Claim Has Been Denied

If you are someone who has sustained a serious injury or developed a serious medical condition that is preventing you from returning to work, there is a very good chance that you are either looking to apply for long term disability benefits, or you have already applied for them. That being said, unfortunately, there are many times where insurance companies will wrongfully deny people the disability benefits they truly deserve. If this has happened to you, our experienced disability attorneys are ready to help you through every step of the appeals process to help ensure you receive the disability benefits you deserve and need. Please continue reading and speak with our experienced long term disability attorneys to learn more about the appeals process and why you need a LTD attorney to guide you through it.

What should I do if I am denied long term disability benefits?

If your long term disability claim is denied or your benefits have been terminated, you must act now. In fact, you are only granted 180 days from the time of denial or termination to appeal the decision, so time is of the essence. Our firm can pursue various strategies to help you obtain the benefits you truly need, including the following:

  • We will clearly define the reasoning behind your denial, and work to disprove that reasoning.
  • We will acquire additional medical records that will work to explain, in greater detail, how your injury affects your daily life and how it thereby prevents you from returning to work.
  • We will obtain additional opinions from your treating doctors regarding your injuries or illness.
  • We will hire various medical and vocational experts to respond to those hired by the insurance company to work to disprove your claim.
  • Finally, we will file a comprehensive formal administrative appeal within the 180-day timeframe.

What happens if I file an appeal and my appeal is denied?

Unfortunately, there are times where individuals will even have their appeals denied. When this happens, it is critical that you retain the services of an attorney who has experience taking these cases to trial. Our firm will file a federal lawsuit on your behalf and directly fight your insurance company in court. Though these cases rarely ever come to this, if yours does, we are ready. If you are ready to begin the LTD process or need an attorney to appeal your initial claim, give us a call today.

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