I Have MS (Multiple Sclerosis). Do I Qualify for LTD Benefits?

Unfortunately, far too many people throughout the United States struggle with multiple sclerosis, or MS. This is a disease that can affect various aspects of an individual’s life, and in profound ways. In many cases, MS is a disabling disease of the brain or spinal cord. This occurs as a result of their immune systems attacking the protective sheath around their nerve fibers, thereby disrupting communication between their body and brain. Unfortunately, there are a wide array of symptoms that those with MS have to face on a daily basis, including numb or weak limbs, tremors, lack of coordination, painful electric-shock sensations from regular, non-drastic neck movements, and additional nervous system issues. Further, MS can cause serious issues with vision, as well as severe pain in the eyes. In many cases, MS can cause fatigue, dizziness, and even slurred speech. The bottom line is that if you are experiencing these symptoms on a daily basis from MS, there is a very good chance that you find yourself unable to return to work once again. This is entirely understandable, though in many cases, insurance companies won’t make it easy for you to recover the long term disability benefits you require. Please continue reading and speak with our nationwide LTD attorneys to learn more about whether your MS qualifies for LTD benefits. Here are some of the questions you may have:

How can long term disability benefits help me?

If you are someone who is currently unable to return to work because of a disabling medical condition, then you should strongly consider speaking with our firm to learn more about the benefits you may be entitled to. When it is determined that you qualify for long term disability benefits, you will receive either one lump-sum payment, or regular disability payments from your insurance company to help compensate for the fact that you can no longer work for a paycheck. Our goal is to help you receive the payments you need.

Will MS qualify for LTD benefits?

Though we cannot tell for sure whether your medical condition will qualify for LTD benefits, there are various actions we can take to help build your case. When filing your claim, we will include a wide array of information, including MRI results, medical records, and a letter from your treating doctor(s) regarding the extent of your condition, how it affects your daily life, and how it, therefore, prevents you from returning to work.

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