Legal Representation for Your Entire Long Term Disability Claim

What happens after we successfully appeal and restore your monthly long-term disability benefits? Can the insurance company keep harassing you and your doctors for more proof? Can your long-term disability benefits be terminated again? Could you be left without monthly payments during yet another appeal? Unfortunately, the answer to all these questions is YES!

That’s why you need ongoing legal representation as long as you are receiving monthly long-term disability benefits. At Walker & Hern, we will not abandon you after winning your appeal. We will continue to fight for your ongoing long-term disability benefits, and we will fight against the insurance company’s never-ending attempts to terminate your long-term disability benefits.

That’s another big reason that you need experienced long-term disability attorneys. At Walker and Hern, we handle all communications with your insurance company, and we make every effort to ensure that the insurance company continues to receive proof that you continue to be entitled to receive monthly long-term disability payments.

Call today for a free, no-obligation consultation with the experienced long-term disability lawyers at Walker & Hern.

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