Washington Long Term Disability Insurance Attorney

If you need a Washington Long Term Disability Insurance Attorney, Walker & Hern is here to help. If you are a disabled resident of Washington and need to file for LTD benefits or have been denied your benefits, our firm can develop a comprehensive legal strategy to represent you as you pursue the benefits you deserve. Walker & Hern has represented Washington residents who can no longer work due to illness or injury for years. Our firm understands the stress you may be facing regarding your financial security, both now and in the future. Our compassionate legal team is committed to being your advocate and guide throughout the entire LTD process. If you need a team of attorneys you can count on, we are ready to help. Our consultations are always free. Contact Walker & Hern today.

Representing Washington clients in the pursuit of LTD benefits

Long term disability benefits are critical to the livelihood of many of our clients. Walker & Hern understand that you depend on these benefits to mitigate the financial impact of a disability. We can help you through every facet of recovering and preserving LTD benefits including:

At Walker & Hern, we are committed to treating each and every case individually. We want to provide the personalized attention that you deserve throughout the duration of your case.

We Don’t Get Paid Unless You Do

At Walker & Hern, we handle LTD benefit issues on a contingency fee basis. This means that clients do not owe us any payment unless we are successful in representing your claim.

Walker & Hern | Your Washington Long Term Disability Attorney

For years, the legal team at Walker & Hern has helped guide clients throughout Washington as they try to recover or preserve the LTD benefits they are entitled to. We have a deep understanding of how difficult it can be to face an uncertain future and the seemingly uphill battle against big insurance companies. We are committed to making sure you never feel alone during this process. We are here to help, no matter how big the insurance company or how challenging the hurdles they put in our way. If you have been denied LTD benefits in Washington or need help preserving them, we are here to help. Contact Walker & Hern for a consultation to discuss your situation.

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