You Will Be Represented by Paul Walker & J. Brooke Hern: Experienced Long Term Disability Lawyers

Other long-term disability firms will assign your case to lower-level lawyers who aren’t named partners of the firm. Worse yet, some long-term disability law firms will delegate most of the work to a paralegal. Your claim for long-term disability benefits is far too important for that. The stakes are just too high. At Walker & Hern, you will be represented by Paul Walker and J. Brooke Hern in your long-term disability appeal. Not a lower-level associate. Not a paralegal.

Mr. Walker and Mr. Hern will carefully review your long-term disability claim file and all your medical records. They will speak with your doctors and obtain additional records that are critical to supporting your long-term disability claim. They will be the ones to determine the best strategy to prove that you are entitled to receive much-needed long-term disability benefits. Not a lower-level attorney. Not a paralegal.

You deserve personal attention. At Walker & Hern, all your communications will be with Paul Walker and/or J. Brooke Hern. They will be the ones to communicate directly with the long-term disability insurance company. They will be the ones to communicate with your doctors. At some long-term disability law firms, you will be just one among hundreds of long-term disability cases being processed by an army of law-firm support staff. Who needs that? You need personal attention from experienced long-term disability lawyers who will directly handle your case from start to finish. You need Paul Walker and J. Brooke Hern.

Call today for a free, no-obligation consultation, and get the long-term disability benefits that you deserve.

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